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Sale: $139.99 was: $149.99

-With the TORQUE BOOSTED CONTROLLER, it results in a huge increase in acceleration rate and torque for climbing hills.


You’ll reach your top speed much quicker so it helps you to get out of situations where you need the extra boost such as through intersections and up hills.


I have the same thing installed on my own GIO 800W electric scooter and as a result, it is a BEAST that can keep up with cars in the city and whip your head back when you twist the throttle. You especially feel this improvement during hill climbing.


Not only is this TORQUE BOOSTED CONTROLLER recommended by all who have one installed, for myself and many others it’s mandatory.


But don’t only take our word for it. See for yourself.


We can customize the torque level to your specifications. Please just ask.


*For the maximum results use my TOP SPEED BOOSTER KIT with the TORQUE BOOSTED CONTROLLER together and you will unleash the BEAST inside your GIO bike.


If you live in Metro Vancouver I could deliver and install it for $120-140 depending on which bike you  have and distance traveled.


**Fully endorses and certifies his products as safe yet result in very potent performance.

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